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Haikuesday, July 22nd, 2014


different state, mind
framed on the wall in mirrors
I’ve been ‘here’ before


petition to stop using “strong female character” and instead “well-written female character” so that sexist douchebags understand that we’re insulting them for their inability to write 50% of the world’s population and just how fucking basic our expectations are.

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if i ever misgender you or use slang (bro, man, gurl, dude) that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable please tell me because your gender identity and comfort is more important than any word i may use to refer to you

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Celebrating 40 Years of Disabled Lesbian Activism and Art

Image description: Five photos of disabled lesbians. #1: Color photo of people in a park, some of them holding a giant banner that reads “Honoring Dykes with Disabilities.” #2: Two women playing basketball in wheelchairs. #3: a black woman with glasses and natural hair playing ping pong. #4: Two light-skinned women dancing with AXIS, a physically integrated dance group. One woman in a wheelchair, and the other woman is…it’s hard to describe, but she’s upside-down, with her legs in the air, and her head in the woman’s lap, simulating oral sex.

These images come from Fabled/Asp, an organization that aims to “combine storytelling and filmmaking to document and continue the revolution in queer disability arts, aesthetics, politics and culture.” They’re such a great resource for history, culture, and politics of disabled lesbians.

What a wonderful resource!

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Fantaisy Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando

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A clinical psychologist by day, Cyril Rolando (aka AquaSixio) spends his free time creating beautifully surreal, digital artwork that portray fantastic scenes and worlds.

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